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Ecommerce Solutions

NOOR INFOTECH is the name to choose for converting visitors into paying customers with our highly effective, sales driven ecommerce solutions. Process all your new sales automatically and in real time as our ecommerce web solutions will make this happen with your very own web based merchant account. You do nothing but watch the sales roll in. Follow up with your paying customers through your very own fully automated mailing list and this can literally explode your income. Why sell to them just once when you can sell to them over and over again? Capture the visitors who did not purchase the first time with wish list in web form. They fill out the form in exchange for some information and you contact them with offers they are interested in. You make more money and they get what they want and in this era of competition everybody wins. Sell more than one product or service with a state of the art web site shopping cart. We'll make it easy for your customers to check in and out of your site. We'll make it easy for them to manage and purchase multiple items at once. We'll make it easy for them to give you their money with online payment gateway interactions.

You can also get your personal websites designed by our professionals as we deliver the Personal Web Page Design Services that can easily make you showcase you and your interests in style. Bring the web to you with your very own personal web site. It can be all about you, all about your family or all about your hobbies. Heck it can be whatever you want it to be. Everyone should have their own little corner of the web. And now, with our personal web design services, you can have yours. You can choose our Personal Web Page Design services now to make your mark on the World Wide Web.

Secure your place on the web with an easy to remember, search engine friendly domain name. We'll help you select and then register the perfect web site address for your business. Selecting your web site's domain name is an important decision for any web site owner. But it's especially important for an ecommerce web site owner. We have helped our customers select and register hundreds of effective and profitable domain names. Let us help you as well and make your ecommerce business grow with our best Ecommerce Solutions.