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Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance is very important part of online business because the websites are always under the threat of being attacked by viruses and malwares. There are also some required changes that have to be done in your website like updating content and all. NOOR INFOTECH Web Maintenance Company is there to help you in that. We offer yearly package of web maintenance in which we keep an eye on your website and its functionality. We keep checking your website for errors and viruses throughout the whole year and to save you from these errors, viruses and malware attacks we enhance the security of your website. We will keep making backups of your website' s previous versions to make everything sorted out in case there is any virus or malware attack on your website. Our experts will keep checking the data your website is generating and activities other people are making on your website.

Checking the full functionality of your website is another aspect that we endeavour for you and we take a look at all activities from simple one to the most complex ones. We will check if the forms are working well and all important emails and client queries are delivered to your mail box. Because failing to do so will harm the goodwill of your company and you will also lose some important clients and sales. We will check the performance of your website on various browsers and will resolve any specific browser related issues. We will also monitor your website for SEO purposes by checking the meta tags and content on your website. This will give you an idea about the content on the website and the message it is delivering to the clients. We will check if there is any broken link on your website and will help you to remove it from the site or redirecting it to the 404 page. The design of 404 page will be advised by our designers to make it more useful to show important content on that.

Content is a thing that needs to be updated on the website on regular basis because search engine and users love to read new things and fresh information is highly obliged by everyone. We will help you to update the content of your website and if need we will suggest you whether to keep the old content on website and add updated content through new section on your website. This will allow you to keep the whole information that is important for the users on your website. Our Web Maintenance experts will go through your website and bring out the solutions your website require for better performance. Updating the database and core of your website will be done to make it work ever so seamlessly even on the slower internet. It is advised to you to use our web maintenance services in order to stay worry free about the security and performance of your website.